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DIY Baby Changing Stations

DIY Baby Changing Stations

If you are preparing for a new bundle of joy and you love making your own furnishings, are looking for a way to save money on the nursery or simply want to add a more personal touch to your little one's room, consider a do-it-yourself changing table. Baby changing stations can be fashioned from other furniture pieces you may already have around your home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Begin by choosing the base. Short dressers, narrow but high tables or even small bookshelves can be successfully made into baby changing stations with just a bit of elbow grease. Make sure that the base you choose is sturdy and does not wobble, as you do not want your little one to fall off during a diaper change. Choose a piece with a top that is smooth, level and wide enough to hold a diaper-changing pad. In addition, the top of the furnishing should be at or slightly above your waist level so that you can comfortably stand while tending to your baby's diapering and dressing needs.

If you would like to repaint or stain the piece to complement the nursery decor, begin by lightly sanding it to wear away current paint and remove any splinters. Choose a low- to zero-VOC paint product. This means that the paint does not contain volatile organic chemicals, which can be dangerous to your baby's health even after it has dried.

Baby changing stations should be comfortable for little ones, so purchase a thick changing pad to place atop the piece. If you are able, fasten a strap with a buckle across the top so that you can keep your wriggling little one safe at all times.

For a fun embellishment, paint drawer pulls in bright colors, cover them with colorful scrapbooking paper or replace them with specialty knobs found at home or hardware stores. If you are using a bookshelf or otherwise don't have drawers, use charming fabric-lined wicker baskets beneath the tabletop to store diapers, wipes, extra clothing and other necessities. Add any other personal touches you desire, making the changing station as unique as your precious new little one.

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DIY Baby Changing Stations - Tips on how to safely and creatively make your own baby changing station.
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