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Robin Williams roles

Robin Williams has portrayed a wide variety of characters, adding to each his unique insight and zany humor.

Teddy Roosevelt - Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
Lance Clayton - World's Greatest Dad
Merritt Rook - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Maxwell 'Wizard' Wallace - August Rush
Reverend Frank - License to Wed
Teddy Roosevelt - Night at the Museum
Ramon / Lovelace - Happy Feet
Tom Dobbs - Man of the Year
Napoleon Cross - Everyone's Hero
Bob Munro - RV
Gabriel Noone - The Night Listener
Paul - The Big White
Fender - Robots
Charlie Boyd/The Priest - Noel
Pappass - House of D
Alan Hakman - The Final Cut
Kevin Powalski - Life with Bonnie
Gen. Ulysses S. Grant - Freedom: A History of Us
Walter Finch - Insomnia
Rainbow Randolph - Death to Smoochy
Seymour Parrish - One Hour Photo
Dr. Know - Artificial Intelligence: AI
Andrew Martin - Bicentennial Man
Jakob - Jakob the Liar
Hugo Kingsley - L.A. Doctors
Patch Adams - Patch Adams
Chris Nielsen - What Dreams May Come
Sean Maguire - Good Will Hunting
Professor Philip Brainard - Flubber
Mel/Harry's Character - Deconstructing Harry
Dale Putley - Fathers' Day
Tomas - Friends
The Genie - Great Minds Think for Themselves
Osric - Hamlet
The Professor - The Secret Agent
Jack Charles Powell - Jack
Armand Goldman - The Birdcage
Alan Parrish - Jumanji

Genie - Aladdin on Ice
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt - To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
Dr. Kosevich - Nine Months
Genie - Aladdin and the King of Thieves
The Father - In Search of Dr. Seuss
Robert Ellison - Homicide: Life on the Street
Daniel Hillard / Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire - Mrs. Doubtfire
Hector - Being Human
Leslie Zevo - Toys
Genie - Aladdin
Timekeeper - From Time to Time
Batty Koda - FernGully: The Last Rainforest
Peter Banning - Hook
Parry - The Fisher King
Mime Class Instructor - Shakes the Clown
Doctor Cozy Carlisle - Dead Again
Narrator - Rabbit Ears: The Fool and the Flying Ship
The Kiwi - A Wish for Wings That Work
Dr. Malcolm Sayer - Awakenings
Joey O'brien - Cadillac Man
John Keating - Dead Poets Society
King of The Moon - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Adrian Cronauer - Good Morning, Vietnam
Tommy Wilhelm - Seize the Day
Jack Moniker - Club Paradise
Jack Dundee - The Best of Times
Gabby - Pryor's Place
Vladimir Ivanoff - Moscow on the Hudson
Donald Quinelle - The Survivors
Prince Robin - Faerie Tale Theatre
Garp - The World According to Garp
Mork - Mork & Mindy
Popeye - Popeye
Mork - Happy Days
Jason Shine - America 2-Night

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