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Celebrity babies named LUKE:
  • LUKE, child of ADAM BEACH
  • LUKE, child of BILL MURRAY
  • LUKE, child of COLIN MOCHRIE
  • LUKE, child of GARY BUSEY
  • LUKE, child of KIRK CAMERON
  • LUKE, child of RICK SCHRODER

Celebrities with the baby name LUKE:

  • LUKE APPLING, Hall of Fame baseball player
  • LUKE PERRY, actor
  • LUKE ADAMS, 2008 Olympic athlete - Australia - Athletics
  • LUKE ALLEN, baseball player
  • LUKE BENWARD, actor
  • LUKE BOURGEOIS, tennis player
  • LUKE BOYD, 2008 Olympic athlete - Australia - Boxing
  • LUKE CARLIN, baseball player
  • LUKE DOERNER, 2008 Olympic athlete - Australia - Hockey
  • LUKE DONALD, PGA tour golfer
  • LUKE EASTER, baseball player
  • LUKE FORD, Journalist
  • LUKE GETSY, football player
  • LUKE GLAVENICH, baseball player
  • LUKE GOSS, actor
  • LUKE GRAHAM, football player
  • LUKE HALL, 2008 Olympic athlete - Swaziland - Swimming
  • LUKE HALPIN, Actor
  • LUKE HAMLIN, baseball player
  • LUKE HANSARD, Publisher
  • LUKE HOCHEVAR, baseball player
  • LUKE HUDSON, baseball player
  • LUKE JACKSON, basketball player
  • LUKE JOYCE, professional soccer player (England)
  • LUKE KIBET, 2008 Olympic athlete - Kenya - Athletics
  • LUKE LAWTON, football player
  • LUKE LIPPINCOTT, football player
  • LUKE LUTENBERG, baseball player
  • LUKE MCCOWN, football player
  • LUKE MENARD, American Idol Season 7 finalist
  • LUKE MONTZ, baseball player
  • LUKE MOORE, professional soccer player (England)
  • LUKE NELSON, baseball player
  • LUKE PETITGOUT, football player
  • LUKE POWELL, football player
  • LUKE PROKOPEC, baseball player
  • LUKE RICHARDSON, professional hockey player
  • LUKE RIDNOUR, basketball player
  • LUKE ROBERTS, 2008 Olympic athlete - Australia - Cycling Track
  • LUKE SCOTT, baseball player
  • LUKE SEWELL, baseball player
  • LUKE SMITH-ANDERSON, football player
  • LUKE STEELE, professional soccer player (England)
  • LUKE STUART, baseball player
  • LUKE SWAN, football player
  • LUKE URBAN, baseball player
  • LUKE VIBERT, Electronic Musician
  • LUKE WALKER, baseball player
  • LUKE WALTON, basketball player
  • LUKE WILKSHIRE, Soccer player - 2010 World Cup, Australia

Celebrities with LUKE as a last name:

  • DEREK LUKE, Actor
  • DOUGLAS S. LUKE, Business
  • JOHN A. LUKE JR., Business
  • KEYE LUKE, Actor
  • MATT LUKE, baseball player
  • R.J. LUKE, football player
  • STEPHANIE LUKE, writer
  • TRIANDOS LUKE, football player
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