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Characters info for TAYLOR:

Characters named TAYLOR from television

  • Taylor Buckman (Parenthood)
  • Taylor Cole (Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County)
  • Taylor Doose (Gilmore Girls)
  • Taylor Hayes Forrester (The Bold and the Beautiful)
  • Taylor Healy (Lipstick Jungle)
  • Taylor McBride (Melrose Place)
  • Taylor Sutton (Lincoln Heights)
  • Taylor Townsend (The OC)
  • Taylor Wethersby (Eli Stone)

Characters named TAYLOR from movies

  • Taylor (Transamerica)
  • Taylor (The Note)
  • Taylor (Prom Night)
  • Taylor Callum (Cow Belles)
  • Taylor McKessie (High School Musical)
  • Taylor McKessie (High School Musical 3)
  • Taylor Vaughan (She's All That)

Characters named TAYLOR from books

    None currently found. Check back for updates!

Characters named TAYLOR from comic books

  • Albert Taylor (National...)
  • Bartholomew Taylor (DC)
  • Danny Taylor (Aardvark)
  • Elizabeth Taylor (American Comics...)
  • Elizabeth Taylor (A)
  • Elliot Taylor (National...)
  • George Taylor (DC)
  • George Taylor (National Comics...)
  • George Taylor Named (DC)
  • Joey Taylor (DC)
  • Leila Taylor (Marvel)
  • Margaret Taylor Case (DC)
  • Mr. Taylor (Marvel)
  • Nathan Taylor (Marvel)
  • Sheriff Taylor (Marvel)
  • Taylor (Marvel)
  • Taylor (DC)
  • Taylor (National...)
  • Taylor Ali (IDW Publishing)
  • Taylor Madison (Marvel)

Characters named TAYLOR from video games

  • Dennis Taylor
  • Jacob Taylor (Mass Effect: Galaxy)
  • Zack Taylor (Mighty Mike)
  • Roger Taylor (Sin & Punishment: Star Successor)
  • Rick Taylor (Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir)
  • James Taylor (The House of the Dead)
  • Tristan Taylor (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4)

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